Since 1925, the Queen's Jacket has unified all departments under one Faculty. 

2019 Jacket Ordering and fitting periods

Fall Regular Fittings: September 18th-20th from 11am-4pm, in the Reflection Room, Kingston Hall

Please email jackets@asus.queensu.ca if you cannot attend Fall or Winter jacket fittings.

About Jackets

The Queen’s Jacket is more than just a fashion statement or a jacket you wear to keep warm. Wearing the jacket not only makes you an ambassador for the University wherever they wear it, it is something that visually helps distinguish and mark them as part of a unique community. Whether on campus, the streets of Kingston, or around the world, the Queen’s Jacket represents an unwavering and unforgettable tradition.

The design of the jackets communicates that you are part of the Queen’s community, regardless of one’s background, program and extracurricular interests. Further personalizing the jackets, by sewing on department crests, jacket bars, club mottos, flags and programs of study will represent your place within our community. This personalization represents a person’s experiences and developing an individual identity within the campus environment.

The notion of obtaining a new jacket signifies that you will have a fresh, new start at Queen’s, but the right to wear the jacket must be earned. Thus, first year exams must be completed before they can don their jackets. The colours of each jacket vary by faculty, and are available in either vegan or leather.

After successfully completing your first year, you can then sew on the pass crest: a Queen’s logo with the year motto over it on the right shoulder. Bars can be achieved based upon completing a designated task and are available for your discipline. These include your orientation group name, being an orientation leader, living in residence and more.

The number found on the left sleeve indicates the year you graduate. Patches include major of study and faculty society mottos, as well as the official school crest with university motto and other assorted symbols. All students are encouraged to purchase a jacket to be part of this long-standing tradition at Queen’s and to represent their part within this community at large.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the process of ordering a jacket?

Ordering a Jacket

  • Go to Jacket Fittings. Get custom fitted for the leather jackets or try on the standard sized vegan jackets. As we do not offer returns or exchanges, please ensure that you are buying the correct size and fitting for yourself.

  • Pay at the Jacket Fittings. We accept cash, cheque, debit or credit.

  • Retain your receipt and make sure you don't lose it! You will need this for the confirmation email that will be sent out. You will also need this to be able to pick up your jacket.

After you order your Jacket

  • You will be sent an email confirming your size. Please respond to the email (in a designated time period) if there is a mistake based on your receipt. If you do not reply, the order will be processed the way it is.

Distribution Period (Picking up a Jacket)

  • An email will be sent out with distribution times and locations when the jackets arrive
    Attend one of the specified distribution dates
    Bring your student card and the receipt that you received during the ordering period

I am not currently at Queen's or in Kingston (ex. an alumni, a BISC student or on placement), can I still order a jacket?

Please contact jackets@asus.queensu.ca for further information. Unfortunately, we will be unable to offer you a jacket fitting.

I've missed the Jacket Ordering period, Can I still place an order?

Unfortunately, you will have to order during the next ordering period. If you miss the Fall ordering period, you will have to wait until the Winter ordering period. If you miss the Winter ordering period you will have to wait until the Fall period of the next academic year to order.


When are Jacket fittings and distribution periods?

The Fall order period is in late September and the distribution is in early December. The Winter order period is in early January and the distribution is in late March/ early April.

I won't be able to make it to the distribution dates, can I set up some other time to pick up my jacket?

We understand that everyone has different schedules, which is why we offer a variety of distribution times. However, upon purchasing your jacket, you signed a contract which states we are not responsible for your jacket after distribution dates.


If I am an alumni, can I still order a jacket with my year crest?

Yes, please fill out the Alumni Jackets Ordering Form, and we'll get back to you!

Can I order special items such as crests from previous years?

Yes. Please contact jackets@asus.queensu.ca for further information.


Can I apply for financial aid?

Yes. ASUS offers jacket bursaries. The applications are available online and around the jacket ordering period. Keep your eye out for more information.


I don't want my jacket anymore, can I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds or exchanges. Keep this in mind when ordering a jacket.

I think I bought the wrong size; my jacket doesn't fit me. Can I exchange it for another size?

We do not offer refunds or exchanges. Keep this in mind when ordering a jacket.


What are the different colours and styles of jackets?

We offer Vegan and Leather Jackets in a variety of colours that correspond with various faculties under ASUS.

  • Arts & Science: Maroon
  • Con-Ed: Midnight Blue
  • Computing: Black
  • Phe/Kin: Black

  • Leather: The original Queen's jacket made from authentic leather. These jackets come in one size in both men's and women's sizing, and are all custom fitted on to each individual.
  • Vegan: Our new modern take on the traditional Queen's jacket. The environmentally friendly jacket comes in standard unisex sizing. Quite similar to a windbreaker.

Where can I purchase jacket bars and crests?

ASUS only offers departmental crests and past crests. Departmental crests may be purchased at the receptionist desk in the ASUS Offices. Major and Minor bars are sold at the Campus bookstore.

Does my department have a crest?

Possibly! Most Arts & Science departments do have a crests, however, we are still lacking some, and are working hard to have all departmental crests available. Please visit Jacket Fittings or distribution periods to purchase yours.