Tharziha Ganesh | equity@asus.queensu.ca

The Equity Commission strives to educate the Queen’s community on issues of social justice through events, outreach campaigns, resources, and opportunities for student involvement.

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What does the Equity Commission do?


AuthenticallyU seeks to raise awareness on campus around body image issues and disordered eating. The committee organizes a series of campaigns and events to achieve this end.

Email authenticallyu@asus.queensu.ca


Down There is the only production run by the Arts & Science Undergraduate Society. It presents an opportunity like no other for students to creatively engage with and express themselves on topics of social justice and social equity.

Email downthere@asus.queensu.ca


Elephant in the Room at Queen’s University is the first youth chapter of the Mood Disorders Society of Canada. The committee organizes a multifaceted, yearlong campaign designed to eliminate stigma associated with mental health by engaging students in unique and creative ways.

Email elephant@asus.queensu.ca


The Queens Equity Conference is a one-day conference that strives to educate members of the Queens and Kingston communities on issues of social justice, tolerance, respect, and the future of creating a safer and more accountable social climate. Keynote speakers, student speeches, and a variety of intriguing activities allow the delegates to listen, network, and discuss in order to broaden their perspectives about social issues. The Queens Equity Conference strives to increase one’s understanding of relevant issues of equity that face our world today, and how to take action in order to create a more accountable and respectful future climate

Email qec@asus.queensu.ca


This committee raises promotes awareness of topical equity and diversity issues on campus. Two notable initiative taken on each year is LGBTQ Action Week and History of Oppression at Queen’s.

Email socialjustice@asus.queensu.ca


The Research and Reccomendation Committee provides students with opportunities to engage in research and critical thinking on equity-related matters. The team works to draft policy that addresses topical and relevant issues facing the Society and its membership.

Email equityresearch@asus.queensu.ca


Formerly Women’s Worth Week, Worth holds a series of events in November to engage students in discussions on how narrow perceptions of femininity and masculinity perpetuate gendered violence, and gender based exclusion. Worth also holds a “Maskulinities Summit” in March that looks to deconstruct notions of what it means to be a man.

Email worth@asus.queensu.ca