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Orientation Coordinators, the Academics and Campus Support Chair, and the President of the Arts & Science Undergraduate Society will review applications from clubs and organizations to ensure they meet with the Society’s non-discriminatory policies. In addition, they will be examined to ensure no clubs that are present at the event are exclusive in membership or possess secret oaths; this includes, but is not limited to, fraternities and sororities. Failure to abide by the Society’s aforementioned protocols will be grounds for rejection in participation in Queen’s in the Park. External groups that breach these regulations at the event by misleading or lying about their purposes will be escorted from the event by Campus Security, permanently banned from future ASUS events and potentially face further repercussions. 

Queen's in the Park has reached capacity, please note that registrants will be added to the waitlist and contacted if space for the event becomes available.

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You will be required to send a photo of intended distribution items (i.e. flyers/merchandise, etc.) to qitp.asusorientation@gmail.com If you plan on selling items for profit please also send a picture of your sales permit to qitp.asusorientation@gmail.com
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You can pay online or via cash/cheque at our offices located at 183 University Avenue. If paying in person, hit the submit button but do not fill out the online payment form. Email asus_headgael@ams.queensu.ca to organize a time to complete payment.
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