Constitution and Policy

These are the guiding documents for the Arts and Science Undergraduate Society. For more information, please contact

The most up to date policy is available here in draft format, please disregard any labelled dates:

ASUS Constitution

Policy Manual 1

Policy Manual 2

Policy Manual 3

Rules of Order

Anything below here may be out of date but is in its final format. The documents above still need to be type edited. The most recent DSC charter can be found under the Resources > DSC tab.


This Constitution shall be recognized to be the highest document on all matters of policy and conduct concerning the Arts and Science Undergraduate Society and its members.  All other documents of the Society, such as policy statements and rules of order, shall be subject to interpretation in a manner that is consistent with this Constitution.

In recognition of the vast diversity among members of the Arts and Science Undergraduate Society including, but not limited to, ethnic, cultural, religious, gender, and orientations, sexual and otherwise, this Constitution shall be interpreted in a manner consistent with the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.


DSC Charter

The DSC Charter is a document that outlines the terms of reference of DSC Assembly, and profiles the mandatory duties of all Departmental Student Council Presidents. These duties range from social events to USAT evaluations and attending Faculty Board. The Charter also delineates the DSC's relationship with the Society and the Academics Commission.


Human Resources Policy

The ASUS Human Resources Policy and Procedures Manual is meant to exemplify and enshrine the Society's commitment to equal opportunity, integrity and openness in hiring procedures. The manual applies to all volunteers and employees of the Arts and Science Undergraduate Society and provides a guide to hiring, recruitment and discipline. The availability of these guidelines to the public means that volunteers can be aware of the standards they will be held to and how the disciplinary system works should these standards not be met. The HR policy is approved by the Advisory Board and changes can proposed by the HRO to improve the volunteer experience.


Policy Manuals

The Policy Manuals outline the specifics of what we do as a Society. In short, Policy Manual 1 focuses on Standing Committees, while Policy Manual 2 & 3 focus on the commission system and Financial Awards, respectively. The Policy Manuals lay out the day to day rules that keep the Society running. All Policy is created or edited by ASUS assembly.