Human Resources

The Human Resources Office works to maintain the highest quality of volunteer and employee experience by creating and updating policy to maintain the equity and transparency of hiring practices. The Human Resources Office maintains records of all volunteer information and what positions need to be filled. The Human Resources Offices appreciates volunteers monthly through a recognition program and at the end of the year with the annual Volunteer Appreciation Gala.

Through consultation with other Faculty Societies, the Office seeks to act as a resource for all Arts and Science students for topics such as conflict resolution, equitable hiring and to continue to monitor and improve organizational behaviour.

The Human Resources Office is responsible for managing a broad portfolio that includes conflict resolution, hiring and interviewing oversight, training, and volunteer appreciation. Although directly accountable to the President, the HRO exercises strict confidentiality with any matter brought to their attention. 

If you are interested in applying for a position, or would like to know more information please feel free to contact the Human Resources Officer, Rebecca Wood

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