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Chayce Perkins | president@asus.queensu.ca

Aaryan Chaudhury | vp@asus.queensu.ca

The ASUS Executive is elected by the Arts and Science student body. Together, the President and Vice-President guide the direction of the Society. The team oversees all of the Society’s operations, including ASUS Council, during a one year term. If you have a question and are unsure of who to get in touch with, your ASUS Executive is a great place to start!

Want to chat in person? Click here to view the President's and Vice-President's office hours.

What does the Executive do?


First and foremost, the ASUS Executive is elected to ensure that your needs and interests are represented at every level of university governance. From AMS Assembly, to Faculty Board, to monthly meetings with the Dean of Arts and Science, the Executive utilizes a number of avenues to ensure your concerns are raised, discussed and acted upon. If you have an issue or idea you’d like to bring forward, get the ball rolling by contacting the President.

Email president@asus.queensu.ca


ASUS operates through an annual budget of nearly $1 million. Most of this budget comes directly from your mandatory membership and student fees. Therefore, the Executive works tirelessly to ensure your money is always being spent transparently and effectively. The Vice President is directly responsible for overseeing all financial decisions of the Society; this includes the six commissions, Orientation Week, ASUS Camps, and more. If you have any questions about the budget, the Vice President is always happy to answer them. For more information, visit our Financials page.

Email vp@asus.queensu.ca


The Arts and Science Undergraduate Society Orientation Committee is tasked with the creation, organization and running of ASUS Orientation Week. The Week is multifaceted and not only looks to involve incoming Arts and Science students, but also Queen’s clubs, organizations, the City of Kingston and outside businesses. It is a week that celebrates the arrival of new members to the Queen’s and Kingston Community and looks to bring all members together to help raise awareness and money for the Canadian Cancer Society, our dedicated charity. Visit the Orientation tab for more information.

Email headgael@asus.queensu.ca


Every summer, ASUS runs a not-for-profit camp for kids aged 4-8 in the Kingston community. Each week is comprised of a unique theme and a variety of engaging activities that work in tandem with Ontario’s Curriculum.  During the first 2 months of summer, ASUS Camps also provides workshops to local Kingston schools as well as an Aboriginal outreach program.

Email camps@asus.queensu.ca or visit the ASUS Camps website.


The ASUS Advisory Board oversees the Society’s long term strategic planning and ensures fiscal sustainability. There are seven voting members of the Board, including the ASUS President and Vice-President. Directors on the Board are also tasked with critically assessing Council’s strategic plans and the Society general budget.

Email bod@asus.queensu.ca


One of the most anticipated events of the year, ASUS Formal is an opportunity to celebrate your successes and the end of the academic year. The Formal Committee works tirelessly to ensure you have a night to remember with your friends and classmates.

Email formal@asus.queensu.ca


ASUS has a partnership with The Princeton Review to offer you discounted LSAT, MCAT, GMAT, GRE and DAT courses. Arts & Science students are eligible for a $200 discount when enrolling in classroom courses. Learn more about these educational services by liking the ASUS Facebook page and visiting the link below.



Each year, the Society allocates over $15,000 to be distributed to deserving students and initiatives. Whether you’re a committee in need of funding, a student looking to enhance their university experience, or interested in receiving a scholarship or award, there’s something that you can apply for.

Click here to visit the Awards and Grants page.