ASUS Elections

Interested in representing the Arts and Science student body? Run in the ASUS Elections!

The Arts & Science Undergraduate Society holds two main election seasons each year; one in the fall semester and another in the winter semester. During these periods, many of the student representatives for ASUS, the Senate and the AMS are elected. The elections timeline follows four periods, the Nomination Period, the Verification Period, the Campaign Period and the Voting Days. During the Nomination Period, students wanting to run for a position gather signatures of nomination from their eligible classmates in order to have candidacy. Following the verification of those signatures, campaigning extends for almost two weeks. After the Campaign Period, students receive an email and can vote online.

The Nomination Period for the winter elections begins on Monday, January 9th and the Voting Days are on January 30th and 31st. All Arts and Science, Concurrent Education and Computing students are eligible to participate, provided they have paid the ASUS Society fee.

The deadline for Nomination Packages is now extended to January 19th at 4pm! The new All-Candidates Meeting will be 7:30 pm Friday, January 20th in Wallace Hall.


Positions open for winter elections: 

ASUS Executive
(President & Vice-President)
Arts & Science Senator
(2 positions available for 1 year term and 2 positions available for 2 year term)
ASUS Representative to the AMS
(6 positions available)
2018 Year Representative Team
(Team of 2)
2019 Year Representative Team
(Team of 2)
2020 Year Representative Team
(Team of 2)
DSC Co-Presidents
(See Below)

If you have any questions please ASUS Elections, do not hesitate to contact the ASUS Chief Returning Officer Stewart Langley at

Download Nomination Packages here.

Download Signature Sheets here.

DSC Elections

Interested in representing your department and being a Departmental Student Council (DSC) Co-President next year? The DSC Letter Period will begin on January 9th, 2017. From this date until January 20th, people who wish to run for co-presidentof their respective DSC must email with the following:

a) Your name(s)
b) Your department and level of concentration (i.e. major, medial or minor) 
c) Your qualifications and a summary of their platform

Any questions regarding the role and responsibilities of being a Co-President can be directed to the ASUS Academics Commissioner at Alternatively, the contact information for all current Co-Presidents can be found here.