DSC Event Planning Package

This Event Planning Package (EPP) must be submitted two weeks prior to the planned event. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your event. E-mail academicsdeputy@asus.queensu.ca with any planning questions.

Your Name *
Your Name
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Event Date
Event Date
Start Time *
Start Time
End Time *
End Time
Are necessary bookings (space, IT, etc.) confirmed? *
Have enough resources been ordered for all attendees? (Example Food and beverage)? *
Do you have all the materials needed for the event? (Example, whiteboard) *
Have you contacted and received confirmation from the stakeholders for the event? (Example, speakers for panel discussion, venue, catering)? *
Have you requested marketing material from the Marketing Commission? (Photographers, Videography, Graphics, Facebook page event, Facebook posts? Please attach the details of your marketing requests to this EPP)? *
Have all attempts been made to encourage environmental sustainability? (Printing, advertising, event recycling…)? *
Describe the event in detail. Outline reasons for organizing the event, how you plan on measuring its success and the event logistics. (This should be an in-depth version of the event description from your strategic plan).
Please attach a link to your event budget. This can be uploaded to a file hosting website such as Google Drive, or Dropbox, and linked in the field below.