DSC Resources

Department Student Councils (DSCs) are committees that consists of students from their respective major, medial, and minor programs.

This document governs and regulates all DSC activity, make reference to it when needed. A DSC is organizationally and financially responsible to ASUS.


All marketing materials must have the official ASUS watermark on them. Please send all social media marketing links to academicsdeputy@asus.queensu.ca. Events will be unsanctioned if their corresponding marketing materials do not comply with ASUS Visual Identity Standards. For more specific details, refer to the link below.


DSC Elections

Please see the elections page under governance.


Please fill out a DSC Event Planning Form at least two weeks before the event takes place.

You must fill out the AMS Event Sanctioning Form if there is any of the following:

  • the service of alcohol;

  • the reasonable potential for the consumption of alcohol before and/or at the event;

  • the use of Student Constables or Security Services at the event;

  • the physical exertion of participants and/or event facilitators;

  • the provision of food;

  • travel off campus with or without the use of personal or rental vehicles;

  • and the involvement of any person or persons under 18 years of age at the time of the event, provided the person or persons are not registered student of Queen’s University.


Specific times for each date will be posted on the DSC Assembly Facebook page prior to the meeting.


At least one of the Presidents of each DSC should be present at Faculty Board - each DSC is responsible for nominating (1) representative to attend this meeting if either President is unable to attend. All meetings are at 3:30 p.m.

  • November 25, School of Kinesiology and Health Studies, Room 100

  • December 9, School of Kinesiology and Health Studies, Room 100

  • January 27, School of Kinesiology and Health Studies, Room 100

  • March 3, School of Kinesiology and Health Studies, Room 100

  • March 31, School of Kinesiology and Health Studies, Room 100

  • April 28, School of Kinesiology and Health Studies, Room 100

Faculty Board Rules of Procedure can be found on the Faculty of Arts & Science website.



  • You will not receive an allocation until a budget and strategic plan are submitted.

  • Failure to attend Faculty Board without notifying the Academics Commissioner may result in your account being frozen.

  • Your account will be frozen if you run a deficit, at which point a meeting will be arranged between the Co-Presidents, the Academic Commissioner and the Vice-President.


  • Direct financial resources

  • No banking fees

  • Proposal-based Allocation

  • Deposits handled directly by ASUS

  • Deficit contingency

Budget Basics

  • You keep all money left in account from previous year.

  • Total DSC allocation = $1 per student in Arts and Science.

    • Individual DSC allocations are based off of proposals, not $1 per student.

  • Allocation will be based on your strategic plan & budget.

  • You must be cognizant of how much money is in your budget and how much you plan on spending/raising.

  • Find ways to incorporate fundraising into your planning.

  • ASUS works on a reimbursement system, if the payment is under $100 (or whatever you are comfortable spending), you can pay for it yourself and THEN fill out a cheque requisition form to get reimbursed for the payment


  • Cheque Requisition Form: For reimbursement. Paper copies available at ASUS Reception, and online.

  • Deposit Form: To deposit money back into the ASUS account. Paper copies available at ASUS Reception, and online.

  • Credit/Debit Card Purchase Form: To request the use of the ASUS credit or debit card. Paper copies available at ASUS Reception, and online.

  • Always make sure you attach ANY relevant receipts.


  • All forms can be picked up in the reception area of the ASUS Office. Forms can also be filled out online and emailed to treasurer@asus.queensu.ca.

  • All completed paper forms are to be placed in the Academics Commissioner’s mailbox.

Accepting Payments & Cheques

  • All cheques must be made payable to ASUS or The Arts & Science Undergraduate Society.

  • We cannot deposit a cheque with your DSC name on it.

Depositing Money

  • Money & cheques must be in an envelope or bag and have the deposit form included inside.

  • Please do not leave money in the office without a form or on the reception desk.

  • Always ensure that someone has received the money in the office.

Budget updates

  • All purchases over $100 must be approved by the Academics Commissioner prior to purchase.

  • For account updates, email the Academics Commissioner or the ASUS Treasurer at treasurer@asus.queensu.ca.


  • All float requests must be sent to the ASUS Treasurer at least one week in advance of use.

  • Please specify how much you will require in your float.

  • DSCs are responsible for any lost money from the float.


  • The easiest way to collect money from a group,

  • ASUS partnership agreement waives all fees.

  • It is especially useful for ticket sales and fundraisers and no cash deposits are required.

  • To set up a Tilt, fill out the Tilt Request Form.

  • Please be sure to include as many details as possible in request.

    • (i.e. event time, amount needed per individual, descriptions of the event/fundraiser)


E-mail Bianca at academics@asus.queensu.ca with any proxy replacements for DSC Assembly or Faculty Board. If you are able to attend either of these meetings as DSC Presidents, you should. Do not just send a proxy on your behalf if you are able to attend.



Isaac Smith, Academics Commissioner                                          academics@asus.queensu.ca

Jenna Ghassabeh & Rosalyn Martin, Deputy Academics Commissioner  academicsdeputy@asus.queensu.ca

Alissa Enns, Vice-President                                                                                  vp@asus.queensu.ca

Career Projects Director                                                                                careerprojects@asus.queensu.ca

Eammon MacNeil, Treasurer                                                                                    treasurer@asus.queensu.ca

Sagal Sharma, President                                                                  president@asus.queensu.ca