Our marketing team offers guaranteed design, photography, and videography services free of charge.

graphic design

Our team of extremely creative and talented graphic designers are available to your club or committee as a resource for eye-catching and modern designs. Whether you're looking for a brand new logo or a poster to promote your event, we've got your back.

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Whether it be special occasions, sporting events or simply headshots for your group, ASUS photographers are available to capture all your unforgettable memories. With over 15 photographers on our team, each with a wide variety of unique skill sets; we've got the perfect person for any event.

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With extensive training, high quality film production equipment, and talented videographers; our incredibly skilled Video Team members can produce professional quality videos for your group.

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Visual Identity Standards

Already have some cool design ideas in mind? No problem.

Take a look at our Visual Identity Standards for some quick guidelines to creating promotional material. We've also included our logo for your use. 

FOCUS Project

We'd love to hear your story!

The ASUS FOCUS Project is an initiative run by both the ASUS Photography Team and ASUS Videography Team which provides an opportunity for those within the Queen's community to share their stories and thoughts. Each submission is read by our team, and at the discretion of the Marketing Office, we will work to create a photo series or video to go along with the submission. Check out our work on our ASUS FOCUS Project page,

We are currently taking submissions at the moment! Please feel free to contact if you have any questions about the submission process.

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What's your story? You may submit in any format, (essay, point form), however, please provide as much detail as possible or as much you would like to share. Please also note, the questions provided below are starting points, rather than guidelines, we'd love to hear your story!