ASUS Orientation Week is committed to creating a positive, open and comfortable Week wherein each first year student, regardless of who they are or where they are coming from, can feel welcome in the Queen’s community. Through participating in Queen’s traditions and the creation of spirit and pride initiatives, we look to introduce first year students to the Queen’s community as well as introduce them to the great City of Kingston. We aim to instill a sense of respect for that community, inspiring them to be proud and contributing residents of Queen’s and Kingston. We are dedicated to making each first year student aware of the resources and opportunities available to them both on and off campus to prepare students for the challenges they will face both academically and socially and the decisions they will make. Finally, through all this, we look to create a good time, loads of fun, lots of smiles, and an experience they’ll never forget! All faculty Orientation Weeks at Queen’s are committed to and strive to promote these 5 Orientation goals:

• To make all new students feel welcome;
• To facilitate a smooth transition to university;
• To build a strong and inclusive community of students;
• To make new students comfortable in their academic, social, cultural and environmental contexts;
• To provide a solid foundation for a successful university experience

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