Looking to get involved with ASUS? Check out all of our available opportunities below and apply for to something that you are interested in!  At ASUS, we take pride in offering opportunities that require no previous experiences.  This allows for a far greater level of involvement from a broader range of students.  

If you have any questions regarding your application, please email the respective Commissioner for assistance.  When returning an application, please submit it to the ASUS Core Front Desk at 183 University Ave.



ASUS Orientation Photography Committee

Looking to get involved in Orientation again? Enjoy taking photos? Look no further than the ASUS Photography Committee! Led by two head photographers, this committee will be responsible for taking all of the photos for Orientation Week 2014, from Frolymps to ACS 101 and everything in between! The APPLICATION FORM is due July 1st and can be submitted via email to Adam Grotsky, the ASUS President, at president@asus.queensu.ca

Lost Paws

Missing your pets back home? Volunteer with Lost Paws this summer! The APPLICATION FORM is available online as well as at the ASUS Core (183 University Avenue). Contact lostpaws@asus.queensu.ca or vp@asus.queensu.ca for more information


Good Times Diner

A local student-run soup kitchen, Good Times Diner runs twice a week out of St. Paul's Anglican church between 4-7pm. Volunteers are always welcome! Please contact queensgoodtimesdiner@gmail.com for more information.



We are currently hiring TWO Chairs to lead the planning and organization of Arts/Sci Formal 2015. The position of Chair is a part-time (3-5 hrs/week), volunteer position. For more information, contact the Vice President at vp@asus.queensu.ca.

Applications will be due in September.



A committee member assists the Chairs in the projects/initiatives throughout the year. The position of Committee Member is a part-time (1-3 hrs/week), volunteer position. For more information on a particular Committee, please contact the appropriate Commissioner or generally to the incoming President at newpres@asus.queensu.ca.

To apply, please fill out the APPLICATION FORM and hand it in to the ASUS Core (located at 183 University Avenue). Applications are due on Friday, March 28, by 4:00 pm to the front reception.



Mohammad Albaghdadi and Abhishek Chaudhrey are looking for students to help them in their 2017 Year Society committee! If you are a student who is graduating in 2017, and if you want to help plan events to bolster spirit and unity within your graduating class, then please apply. Check out the APPLICATION FORM. Applications are due to the ASUS Core (located at 183 University Avenue) on March 19th, by 4:00p.m. to the front reception. For more information on the application process, please contact the incoming Year Society 2017 president at 12ma73@queensu.ca or the vice-president at 12ac86@queensu.ca.



PREP 101!

Queen's A&S Undergraduate Society is in alliance with Prep101. For more information on the Prep101 MCAT prep course, please go to www.prep101.com/mcat


ASUS Peer Tutoring

ASUS Peer Tutor Application FormAccepting applications year round

ASUS Peer Tutor Request FormAccepting applications year round

ASUS Peer Tutoring Bursary Form: Accepting applications year round





    ASUS Community Outreach Volunteer Form (List of available positions): Deadline expired

    ASUS Committee Member Application Form (List of available positions): Deadline expired

    ASUS Deputy Commissioner Application Form: Deadline expired

    ASUS Committee Chair Application Form: Deadline expired

    ASUS Jackets Director Application Form: Deadline expired

    ASUS Orientation Photographer Application Form: Deadline expired

    ASUS Board of Directors Application Form: Deadline expired

    Queen's Tartan Editor-In-Chief Application Form: Deadline expired

    Queen's Tartan Business Manager Application Form: Deadline expired

    ASUS Scribe Application Form: Deadline expired 

    ASUS Commissioner Application Form: Deadline expired

    ASUS Equity & Diversity Officer Application Form: Deadline expired

    2013 ASUS Summer Camps Coordinator & Counsellor Application: Deadline expired

    2013 ASUS Summer Camps Business Director: Deadling expired

    2013 ASUS Summer Camps Program Director: Deadling expired

    Media Literacy Committee Application: Deadling expired

    ASUS 2015 Year Society Committee: Deadline expired

    WEC "Down There" Director: Deadline expired

    Committee Chair Application Form: Deadline expired

    ASUS Assembly Scribe Application Form: Deadline expired

    First Year Intern Application Form: Deadline expired





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